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< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> My Ideal Presidential Candidate

by Mike Winfrey My Ideal (not perfect) Presidential Candidate or any Candidate for that matter   Bottom line is this.  Our current 2 party system has completely failed us.  Perfect example is with the unemployment rate going down, why is black unemployment going up and twice the average?  Many other examples exist.  They talk about so many things and nothing gets done.  Social security is in serious danger.  Even though welfare provides a service the administration of it is a […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Israelity: The Goyim Perspective

By John Means   The stance of most Americans in regards to Palestine and the Criminal Organization called Israel is quite mind boggling to me. The Party has created a veritable whirlpool of Cognitive Dissonance around this issue and people don’t seem to recognize that they now openly hold contradictory values. Conservatives rail against Mexican Nationals coming into America to live off of our largess, yet find it perfectly acceptable that Foreign Nationals should displace Palestinians from their Ancestral Lands, […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> The Rabbit Hole, Pt. 2

By John Means The Rabbit Hole, Pt. 1 …….But leaving the Rabbit Hole is no easy journey. Once you have decided that the condition of our Society is unreasonable and intolerable you will be faced with constant conflict encouraging you to accept these conditions, from without as well as within.  In our daily surroundings we are subjected to Thousands of ideas and messages’ from education, advertising, music and other sources, and so are the people around us, and it is […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> The Rabbit Hole, Pt. 1

By John Means You’ll notice that we do not generally post stories about Illuminati, NWO, Masons or other rumored Secret Societies here on It is not that we fail to recognize the historical and present day anomalies and machinations that seem to be Indicators of such possibilities, but rather that we understand that we can only influence and change those things that are in front of us. A friend spoke some words to me a few years ago that […]

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THERE IS NO 14TH AMENDMENT, OR 15TH, OR 16TH, OR… There is No “Fourteenth Amendment”! By David Lawrence U.S. News & World Report September 27, 1957 A MISTAKEN BELIEF — that there is a valid article in the Constitution known as the “Fourteenth Amendment” — is responsible for the Supreme Court decision of 1954 and the ensuing controversy over desegregation in the public schools of America. No such amendment was ever legally ratified by three fourths of the States of […]

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KEW, SURREY, GB – The last place anyone would think to look for a birth record of someone claiming to be a “natural born” U.S. citizen is Great Britain.The very inclusion of the Article II eligibility mandate in the U.S. Constitution was explicitly intended by the founding fathers of America to prevent a then British-born enemy usurper from attaining the office of the U.S. presidency and thereby undermining the sovereignty of the newly formed nation. In the absence of honor, courage […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> No Good Cops

By John Means Spare me the outraged protestations. I know the arguments and defenses, the justifications and complacencies that are the common retort to a perceived slight about Law Enforcement; and while I understand and sympathize with the sentiment, the time has come that we must acknowledge the Epidemic of Authoritarian Abuse upon which Despotism finds footing in our Great Nation. Time to put aside the Mainstream view of Patriotism and understand just what is at stake here; we are […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Collateral Persecution: Hammers and Nails

By John Means The Epidemic of Authoritarian Abuse in America creates thousands of victims every year, yet seems to be largely ignored by Mainstream Media.  Most Americans can easily justify the actions of Law Enforcement sighting the difficult job they do, the dangers they face, and their service to the community. It’s pretty easy to swallow a few kicks on a cuffed scumbag or Personal Rights Violations in the name of Public Safety, and many people can easily sympathize with […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> What happened to Common Sense?

By John Means Humanity has always been a little quirky when it comes to Common Sense. Just look at neckties, for example. If we saw a small child tying a piece of cloth in a knot around their neck we would tell them to stop before they hurt themselves. Yet this is one of the global standards for professional and elegant attire. Does that make any sense at all? But that is just the tip of the iceberg really when […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Guns and Gays

By John Means The ultimate failing of any political party or agenda is that it will inevitably encourage an individual to support an Ideal that they do not agree with at the least, and when taken to extremes will actually lie to and deceive its own proponents in order to realize its machinations. As the Gun Control Debate continues to escalate in America and the Political noise rises to a deafening volume, we should all look around and note who […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> The Legal Assassination of Andrew Brietbart

By John Means Re-Posted from March, 2012 And so it begins… By the new laws of our land it is now apparently legal for our government to secretly assassinate anyone they want, hide it from the public, alter any information released, and imprison or assassinate anyone who talks about it. You don’t believe it? Well, maybe you should pay attention to the Bills passed by Congress. Oh, it’s not a clear and simple path, but with the definitions and authorizations […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> American Assimilation

By Chaplain Chuck The words at the feet of the Statue of Liberty are as true today as they were when first written. “Send us your weak, your poor, your huddled masses…”. Even today people from around the world come to America seeking the blessings offered here in the land of opportunity. We have jobs, housing, food and medical care that is better than that obtainable in the majority of the rest of the world.  The most honest come seeking […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> A Realization of Biblical Proportions

by John Means Our world is in danger. And while most people cognitively recognize this, the source of the problem is not always obvious. We can spend our days talking about corrupt politicians and bankers, sinister schemes and grand conspiracies, even blame ourselves for lethargy, yet the fact still remains that something is very wrong in our World that is left unspoken. There is so much hate on our planet, and if you examine the individual grudges people bear you […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Why will Law Enforcement defend your 2nd amendment rights but not your 4th amendment rights?

by Derek Smith I ask this question due to the numerous sheriffs across the country along with other law enforcement officials saying that they will defy unconstitutional orders by the federal government and President Obama to confiscate guns. Yet these same officials violate the 4th amendment on a daily basis and our courts are complicit in allowing this to happen. Ask yourself why an officer needs to ask for your consent to search your vehicle and if you refuse all […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Salvaging the American Government: Step One

By John Means If you ask people what the biggest problem in America is you will likely receive a slew of varied answers, all of which will relate to some very serious issues. Inflation, education, welfare, immigration, foreign policies, and on and on; we could list them all day. Indeed, these are keystone issues in the shaping of a society and massively important to our overall quality of life. And while you could pick each one of these issues apart […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> The New Battle of Lexington

By John Means What do you suppose those days felt like leading up to the American Revolution? If we took away the Cell Phones and Computers, the cars and airplanes and all the modern conveniences, I’d imagine it would be much the same as today. I don’t mean all of the very well documented speeches, letters, rallies and propaganda, but rather what it felt like in the day to day lives of the people who lived through it all. People […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Christopher Jordan Dorner: Manifesto, Manhunt and Execution

By John Means We here at No Party System do not often glorify with publication the actions of Mad Men and Criminals, but given the social implications and impacts of the events leading up to the manhunt, the response of Corporate Media and Law Enforcement, and the resulting execution, we feel it is appropriate to take a closer look at the declarations of Christopher Jordan Dorner, and the final moments of his life. Let it be spoken clearly up front […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> The Bill of Privileges

by John Means You’ve probably heard people say for years that the US Government is taking away our Rights. Well, don’t let that kind of talk trouble you any more, the point is moot now. Our Rights are gone, period. Don’t let it worry you though, we may have lost those nifty Rights given to us by Natures God, but we now have the same privileges granted to us by our government. After all, what has Nature ever done for […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Practical Immigration Reform

by John Means Immigration Reform is one of the most pressing social issues of our time, and while highly publicized, no one seems to have any practical solutions out on the table. Sure, people shout about building walls, and others seem to want to hand full citizenship to anyone here. But, like so many other issues, a bit of common sense and reason can easily present a simple and moral solution. First though, let me ask a question; do you […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> The Case for Firearm Education

by John Means I know what Gun Control is; it’s the Rules of Safety with Guns that my Father drilled me well on. From the age of 4 I was shooting an old tube fed, bolt action Marlin .22. I remember driving around our property in Burl, Utah, a few of the family members at a time in the bed of a little Toyota Pick-Up truck, plinking the Jack Rabbits and Chiselers that infested our land. My father stopped the […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> I’m not your Buddy, Pal!

by John Means What’s with the friggin attitudes?! Jeez, can we just have debates, comments and conversations without trying to be Sitcom Writers? I get it; we’re all witty as hell, so STOP ALREADY! As I endeavor to save the world, as so many good people are doing independently these days, I am continually amazed and frustrated by the profusion of name calling, finger pointing, and general spitefulness present in not only the Corporate Media, but in interpersonal communication as […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> 545 vs. 300,000,000

By Charley Reese Charley Reese’s final column for the Orlando Sentinel… He has been a journalist for 49 years. He is retiring and this is HIS LAST COLUMN. Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them. Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits? Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> From your Cold Dead Hand?

by John Means The Gun Control Debate seems to be in full swing, though Congress has not met on the issue yet. The recent tragedies perpetrated by deranged criminals have sparked a firestorm of opinion and emotion, and on both sides of the aisle rhetoric is flying freely. The current social standard of name calling and finger pointing is in full swing as well, and no matter where peoples opinion lie they will surely use every conflicting emotional response that […]

< class="advs-title" style="font-size:22px;margin:0px 0px 10px 0px;"> Jesse Ventura for President in 2016

Jesse Ventura for President in 2016 (Re-Posted from Jan. 2013) Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has been making the Talk Show Rounds recently to promote his New Book ‘Democrips and Rebloodlicans’, an expose on the Thug Tactics and Gang Behavior that have come to dominate American Politics. The Governor has indicated that he will make a bid for the Presidency if he can receive Grassroots Support in all Fifty States and be given a fair chance to enter the Presidential […]


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